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Sberbank insurance заявление

  • household
  • credit cards protection
  • SME, BI and property
  • multirisks
  • collateral insurance of commercial property (no motor)
  • travel insurance
  • personal belongings
  • involuntary job loss
  • GAP
  • mortgage
  • and many others
  • We are focus on launching new insurance products to get presence in all lines of business:

    As of December 31, 2016, the company revenues equaled 65.6 billion rubles. More than 7.7 million people are the clients of Sberbank Life Insurance.

    Licenses for all lines of business, except for life insurance, №4331 from 05.08.2015.

    Reliability rating assigned by the rating agency RAEX is ruAAA.

    The main shareholder of Sberbank Insurance — Joint stock Company Sberbank of Russia, is one of the biggest banks of the Russian Federation, that has people’s trust and brand awareness.

    Sberbank Insurance estimated by Expert Rating Agency — А++ (extremely high level of reliability).

    Sberbank Insurance is a new player and the fastest growing insurance company in the Russian insurance market.

    JSC Sberbank of Russia is not only the sole shareholder of Sberbank Insurance but also its partner in insurance services promotion on the territory of the Russian Federation. Products of Sberbank Insurance can be bought at all bank branches. They are represented at partner’s branches and online also.

    Sberbank Life Insurance is a subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia. The leader of the Russian life insurance industry. Specializes in risk programs (including corporate), savings and investment-linked life insurance products.

    Maxim Chernin, the Chairman of the All-Russian Insurance Association Committee for the development of life insurance, was the company’s CEO until October 2016. Since March 2017, the actual CEO is Alexey Rudenko.

    At the beginning of 2012, Sberbank launched a new business line — investment and savings life insurance — and acquired a life insurance company to perform appropriate activities. The sales of investment and savings life insurance products started in November 2012.

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    Starting from July 17, in 16 cities from Moscow to Vladivostok, at ‘pokestops’ based near Sberbank facility offices, special modules will be designed to attract Pocket Monsters, which will allow the game’s participants to catch monsters with more ease. These modules will stay active all day long.

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    On July 19, Sberbank Life Insurance received thousands of Pokemon GO lovers’ applications from those hoping to get free insurance from injuries obtained while playing the game, Maksim Chernin said. Sberbank hopes that while doing so, it can attract the young generation to get interested in the financial system.

    Sberbank Takes Responsibility For Players’ Injuries During Pokemon GO Game

    Sberbank prepared several special offers of health insurance to players of Pokemon GO.

    «We, as the largest insurance bank, feel that we are responsible for Pokemon Go players. Taking into consideration that in other countries players have hurt themselves while playing the game, we’ve designed a special free product, which will allow young people to get acquainted with insurance in a game format,» Maksim Chernin, CEO Sberbank Life Insurance, said in a statement.

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  • летальный исход несчастного случая;
  • летальный исход вследствие ДТП с любым видом транспорта.
  • В сбербанке можно выделить особый вид страхования для защиты сотрудников предприятий от увечий и иных несчастных случаев.

    В каждой категории по защите семьи предусмотрены свои условия страхования. Это касается суммы выплаты и ежемесячного страхового взноса. Осуществлять оплату можно в личном кабинете Сбербанк Страхования на официальном сайте. После подписания договора будет доступен вход в личный кабинет.

    Такое необычное название страховой программы дает понять, что в непредвиденных ситуациях договор страхования придет на помощь также, как и подушка безопасности в автомобиле. Суть программы в основном сводится к тому, что, заплатив минимальный взнос за страховку, вы получаете во много раз превосходящий размер выплаты принаступлении страхового случая.

    Страхование жизни и здоровья главы семьи является очень важным, так как этот человек чаще всего обеспечивает своих близких всем необходимым, зарабатывая деньги и решая возникающие проблемы. Полис в таком случае позволяет сохранить финансовое благосостояние родственников даже в самых сложных жизненных обстоятельствах.

    Данный договор предусматривает страхование либо всех сотрудников компании, либо на нескольких (больше 10). Также предусмотрены определенные льготы по налогам.

    Для выбора данной программы страхования нужно определиться:

  • Смерть главы семейства в результате несчастного случая;
  • обретение инвалидности из-за несчастного случая.
  • Страховая премия может быть в объеме 900, 1800 и 4500 рублей. Соответственно, клиент получает страховую сумму в размере 300.000, 600.000 и 1.500.000 рублей.

  • Размер одноразового взноса;
  • величина страховой суммы;
  • перечень лиц, на которых распространяется компенсация.

Корпоративная страховая программа позволяет работнику обрести уверенность в завтрашнем дне. Процесс оформления состоит из нескольких пунктов:

Кредит в сбербанке

  1. Ознакомление с различными вариантами страховых программ, а также выбор наиболее подходящей из них;
  2. Определение объема финансовой защиты работника (от 100 тысяч до 1 миллиона рублей);
  3. Подписание всех документов;
  4. Оплата услуги.

The «IIF 2018 — PROPERTY INSURANCE — the NatCat challenge and beyond», taking place on Friday, 23 March, in Prague, bought into debate the NatCat insurance gap, but also the newly developed aspects of the manmade property risks.

Between 25 and 27 April, 2018, «The Eurofi High Level Seminar» gathers in Sofia, Bulgaria, over 900 specialists from all over Europe and The United States.

Federation of Insurance Companies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) elected as new President Mr. Brinia JARCEVIC, CEO, BRCKO-GAS Insurance, the local press reads.

A.M. Best has a stable outlook on the Italian non-life insurance market , expecting the sector’s good record of technical profitability to be maintained in the medium term . The agency estimates that over the period 2012 to 2016 inclusive, its net combined ratio averaged 94%, which compares favorably with that of other European countries.

VIG — Vienna Insurance Group aims for a sustained growth of premiums up to a volume of over EUR 10 billion, by 2020. At the same time, the profit before tax is expected to exceed EUR 500 million. To this end, was launched, in 2017, the «2020 Agenda», in order to optimize VIG’s business model and, at the same time, to capitalize on new business opportunities.

AON plc has announced the appointment of Lambros LAMBROU as Global Chief Commercial Officer and CEO of Global Specialties for the firm’s commercial risk business.

According to projections by ALLIANZ Research, the global premium volume last year rose to a new record sum of EUR 3.66 trillion (excluding health insurance). Compared to 2016, the nominal increase adjusted for exchange rate effects is 3.7%.

Specialists from ICMIF — International Cooperative Mutual Insurance Federation and PensionsEurope, representatives of national insurance associations from Austria and Turkey, as well as professionals representing SWISS Re, GEN Re and AUDATEX are just a few of the speakers who have already confirmed their presence at FIAR 2018 — The International Insurance-Reinsurance Forum.

With an exclusive list of professional speakers, 7 conferences and workshops analyzing current trends and issues on the re/insurance markets, as well as hundreds of bilateral meetings and networking opportunities, FIAR 2018 represents a key event on the business agenda.

S&P Global Ratings said on April 26 it raised its long-term issuer credit and financial strength ratings on SOMPO International Holdings Ltd.’s core operating companies to ‘A+’ from ‘A’. The outlook is stable.

JSC «Sberbank of Russia» is not only the sole shareholder of «Sberbank life insurance» but also its partner in insurance services promotion on the territory of the Russian Federation. Products of «Sberbank life insurance» can be bought at all bank branches; long-term life insurance products since November 2012 can be bought at more than 1947 bank sales territories of “Sberbank Premier” and at more than 153 offices of “Sberbank First” in “Sberbank Private Banking”. Sales of risk insurance products are made via Sberbank subsidiary bank “Setelem Bank”.

  • Program “Head of the family” is a real possibility to keep the financial well-being of the family in case an incident happens to the head of the family
  • Program “Protection of the loved ones” is the person’s care about the most significant people expressed in the compensation for the foregone income in case this person temporarily loses the capacity to labor because of the traumas, as well as the guarantee of the adequate level of treatment.
  • Program “Passbook” is the life insurance with 100% return of the contribution
  • IC «Sberbank life insurance»

  • Unique management strategy with risk control in stock market;
  • Potentially high investment income;
  • Guaranteed safety of invested assets;
  • All the profits of life insurance protection.
  • We work to help people not be afraid to plan their future and to stop live for one day. Thanks to our products your dreams, ambitions and promises given to yourself and to your loved ones, will be kept no matter what.

    Program of private credit life insurance:

    Insurance company “Sberbank life insurance” is an affiliated company of Sberbank of Russia, that specializes in life insurance programs (which includes corporate insurance), endowment and investment insurance.

    «Sberbank life insurance» describes oneself as «reliable and honest expert, who cares and work with whom is a pleasure».

    License 77 С 3692 form the 5th of February, 2013.

    The sole shareholder of «Sberbank life insurance» — Joint stock company «Sberbank of Russia», is one of the biggest and most sustainable banks of the Russian Federation, it has people’s trust and brand awareness.

    Program of collective life and health credit insurance of JST «Sberbank of Russia» is a program that helps to protect client’s financial obligations towards bank resulting from client’s loss of health due to diseases or accidents.

    «SmartPolice» — is a smart decision for smart investors:

    The mission of the insurance company «Sberbank life insurance» was approved in 2013:

    The economic security and anti-corruption department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs started investigation of the dealings of the Russian National Reinsurance Company (RNRC) in relation with its cooperation with three big international reinsurance brokers: WILLIS, MARSH, AON, the local media reads.

    Sberbank insurance заявление

    Bank of Russia revoked the license of RENAISSANCE Insurance Group for voluntary life insurance on April 5, 2018. The decision was taken due to the insurer’s voluntary surrender of the licensed insurance activity.

    On April 23, 2018 the President, Vladimir PUTIN signed the law on rehabilitation of insurance companies which puts into effect insurers’ rehabilitation procedure from the resources of the Bank of Russia, similar to the rehabilitation of banks.

    According to the official insurer’s report in 2017 net profit of SBERBANK Life Insurance amounted to RUB 13.3 billion (EUR 0.19 billion), which is 47% more than a year before. Total assets jumped by 78% to RUB 228 billion (EUR 3.31 billion).

    WILLIS Re, the reinsurance business of WILLIS TOWERS WATSON announced the appointment of Franck PINETTE as Managing Director of its EMEA Life & Health practice with effect from 30 April 2018.

    ARIA applied in writing to the Prime Minister, Dmitry MEDVEDEV, Chairman of the Central Bank, Elvira NABIULLINA, as well as the State Duma, Ministry of economic development and Ministry of Finance, requesting to pay attention to the campaign of Duma members Vyacheslav LYSAKOV and Sergey SHARGUNOV against the foreign reinsurers.

    Insurance professionals from all over Europe gathered on Tuesday, 17 April, in Zagreb, Croatia, at the «Challenges and Practice of Insurance Supervision in South East Europe» conference. The event represents a unique forum for an open dialogue between insurance companies and insurance supervisory authorities of the SEE region.

    EUR 82) (vs RUB 73,556 and RUB 5,898 accordingly a year before (

    The European Consumer Protection Conference, taking place on Thursday, 22 March, in Prague, brought into debate the consumer environment in the current European regulatory and economic landscape, the upcoming legislative changes that will benefit consumers and users of insurance and private pension products, as well as digitalization and the impact of technological advances in the field of financial services.

    Russian agricultural insurance campaign this year may be considered as dead-end road. According to the National AgroInsurers Union, 18 regions out of 36 with high risk of emergency situations are not planning to develop agricultural insurance with state aid in 2018.

    MTPL average payment during the 1 st quarter of 2018 decreased by 13% on y-o-y basis and amounted to RUB 64,225 (

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